Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

One of my neighbor's from the village in the
West Bank, a young student at Bier Zeit
University, sent me an email today asking
how I am.

My answer to him below:

Dear Mahmoud,
So nice to hear from you?

How is your family? How are you all doing in school?
How is Heba? Did the gift I sent her last year fit?

I'm fine except for a bad cold. I'm walking with a
cane all the time and hoping to have my knee surgery
before summer so that I can throw it away.

How are the other people in the village doing? Did the
muktar's son come home? I think about him often and
have written about him in my BLOG.

How are your aunt and uncle? How is my little house?
I feel sad that Mona has joined her parents and
brothers in the cemetery. I wish I was there to buy
flowers for her grave. But as you all say,
"this is life".

I solicited my congressman to intervene for me with
the state department to obtain a VISA. That was over
three months ago and the congressman's assistant told
me they've heard nothing. I will keep trying.

Best wishes,


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