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American Attempt to Understand Palestine and Israel
Email Exchange With A Former Co-Worker
January 27,2007
As some of you know and others don't, I haven't been
> > on-line since early Nov., but thankfully, now I am
> > on-line with much better and faster equipment. I'm
> > looking forward to heraing from all of you in this
> > new year of 2007.
> >
> > Ellie

January 27, 2007

Hi Ellie,
> It's nice to hear from you. What are you doing these
> days.?
> I was out of the country from November of '06 through
> May of '07. My husband who retired to the West Bank
> about ten years ago was dying and I went to take care
> of him. He was a research chemist in the US for thirty
> years developing products for the ceramics
> industry. He breathed silica and died a horrendous
> death by silicosis. He died in February and I stayed
> on for three more months because I had sublet my
> place here. I inherited a small house and some land
> from him on the West Bank.
> It was a very interesting experience. I started a BLOG
> last March. If you want to read about my experience go
> to: . Go to
> archives and click on March to start from the
> beginning. Since I've returned I'm working so hard I
> don't have any time to do anything except post
> articles and emails I receive. I'm working as a
> marketing consultant now and I'm getting too old for
> all this hard work.
> Regards,
> -Bronwin

Subject: Re: New e-mail address
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 18:00:24 +0000
My life is very boring compared to yours..........nothing exciting other than doing some traveling since my husband retired in March/06. We went to Chicago to visit friends, Jim's Army Reunion in the Smokey Mountains and vacationed at Deep Creek ,Md with our daughters this past summer. I'm not working, but getting antsy to delve back into something.....

I must say that I'm really enjoying your "blog" about your visit to the West Bank. My deepest condolences to you and your sons on the death of Sami. How noble of you to care for him in at the end of his journey on earth........... have a real talent for writing and I think you have missed your true "calling" in life. I think there could be a book from your personal experiences in the West Bank and also what you experienced as the estranged wife caring for her husband. You are an awesome story-teller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should send some samples to an editor.

I know you have a profound empathy for the plight of the palestinians and getting your message across here in the states in book form would be awesome.

Last night , I was watching c-span and President Carter was a speaker at Brandeis University explaining his new book about the Palestine problem and what he feels needs to be done to bring peace to the Middle east. After he left, Alan Dershowitz[noted attorney and professor at Harvard] spoke as a rebuttal speaker. It was very interesting and you should try to see it and read Carter's book. I'm still so confused over the issue, because they both make such logical arguments for their sides.

Do you think there will ever be a solution to the problem?

Great to hear from you and continue your writing,


January 29, 2008

Dear Ellie,
What a wonderful email you've sent me. Such nice
compliments! I've wanted to be a writer since I first
learned to read. When I was young no one encouraged
me. Then my son inherited whatever talent I have plus
more and he works as a reporter and editor for the
Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs. You can
find it in Borders or Barnes and Nobles. If you want
to understand the Palestinian - Israeli situation that
journal is a great place to start. What confuses most
Americans are the lies told by the American Jews. Our
government and media back them in all of it. I don't
even think many of them are consciously lying. They're
repeating what their rabbis have told them. I believed
much of it til I went to Palestine via Israel for the
first time in '79. What an eyeopener that was!

After Sami died last February I stayed on in the little
house I inherited from him in a beautiful village and
spent my time writing. I enjoyed it so much I decided
to return for at least six months out of each year so
I could sit in my quiet house in the village and write.
Now the Israelis have ceased letting Americans enter
the West Bank except for two to three days at a time.
The Quakers have had a school in Ramallah for over 100
years and the Israelis are destroying that by not
allowing the teachers and admiinistrators to return.
They are most likely preparing for another land grab.
They've already stolen nearly 700 acres of the family's

Years ago Moe and I had a Mexican divorce arranged by
a friend of his. I had no one representing me and have
been told over the years that the divorce is bogus.
So I'm technically a widow. I spoke a few months ago
with a Mexican attorney who assured me the divorce is
not even legal in Mexico.

Many of my recent posts on my BLOG concern President
Carter's book and the responses to it.

Do you ever see any of the gang from the Visitor's

All the best,

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