Sunday, January 28, 2007

I sent the following email to the author of an article that follows it published this weekend in Counterpunch.

Dear Eliza,
I read your article, emailed to me by my son, and wondered how many times my heart can break, over and over and over. I too left the West Bank, in May of 2006, leaving behind a small house I had inherited from my husband who died in February of 2006. I had thought I would return in a few months. Now I'm wary of even trying as I will spend the money to travel from the US to Tel Aviv and then be denied a VISA. I've sought the help of a US Congressman who promisedto try to obtain a VISA for me from the StateDepartment. My latest contact with his office was not reassuring. After months they've had no reply from the State Department. So the Israeli tail continues to wag the American dog.

I've posted stories of my Palestinian experience on a BLOG: . Were you connected with the Friend's Schools in Ramallah?

Peace and best wishes to you,
Bronwin Peel

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