Monday, December 18, 2006

Sources for Information About Palestine

My Meeting House celebrated Christmas this past weekend with
a 24 hour Open House. Many spent the night and woke Sunday
morning for sunrise worship. One of the Friends, spoke to
the gathering about his recent trip to the Holy Land. He sent
the follwoing email this morning with a list of sources for
information concerning the conflict between Iszael
and Palestine.

At my talk last evening on my trip to Israel/Palestine, I spoke about
the wealth of infomation sources available, mostly on line. These
sources can fill in the gap of information in US main stream media,
which do not cover all sides of the conflict in Israel-Palestine very
well. This list is far from exhaustive, yet can itself be overwhelming.

For news coverage, I recommend the Palestine News Network,,
and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,
Read the others at your leisure, along with Jimmy Carter's latest
book--highly recommended.

Jack Wilson

A brief, far from exhaustive, list of resources for more information
about Israel/Palestine, in no particular order: Sabeel, Palestinian Christian Liberation Theology

www.palestinefairtr Palestinian Fair Trade Association, a
cooperative among Palestinian Olive and other farmers Palestine News Network, for all news about Palestine,
good and bad. Very readable.

www.holylandtrust. org Palestinian non-violence network ~alaslah/ feedback/ wiam.htm Wi'am, Palestinian Conflict
Resolution organization, also based on non-violence

www.epalestine. com/ A resource page by Sam Bahour,
Palestinian- American facing loss of residency in Palestine. Lots of
good articles.

www.btselem. org/English/ B'Tselem ("in the image of") widely
respected Israeli human rights group. Great publications, maps, etc.
and case studies.

www.rhr.israel. net Rabbis for Human Rights. Dedicated to human
rights for all, Israelis, Palestinians, and human beings

www.interfaithpeace builders. org/default. html Interfaith Peace
Builders, trips to Israel/Palestine Israel Committee Against House Demolition. Jeff
Halper's organization, involved with all areas of human rights issues
in Palestine/Israel

www.theparentscircl Bereaved Parents. Rami Elhanan.
Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families for peace and justice.

www.combatantsforpe asp?lng=eng Combatants for Peace, a
group of Palestinian and Israeli former combatants who believe
violence will not work. A moving group of people.

www.tentofnations. org Tent of Nations, a peace building project by
Daoud Nasser, as a non-violent response to Israeli attempts to
confiscate his land. Washington Report on the Middle East. Excellent
source for information about the entire Middle East, with emphasis on

Updated 12/17/2006


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