Friday, December 01, 2006

Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

My friend, Jane, an American woman living in Ramallah is in town for a short while. She’s so busy we’ve not met for a visit. We both tried to make it to former President Carter’s book signing at Borders, but other commitments intervened. Following is our email exchanges on the subject of the book: Peace Not Apartheid.

December 1, 2006

Jane wrote:

I have tried to get everything organized so I could
come to see you and your horse farm! but currently have three workmen
here and plans for lots of repair, maintenence, leak protection, etc.
and also am having a safe installed all of which I need to talk to my
tenant about face…

I will be back in Feb tho and would love to see you
and talk to any groups you think may be interested. When do you hope
to come? I thought Carter gave the government of Israel a free ride
on treatment of non jews within Israel itself but guess he thought he
had to pick his battles.

My Response:
I agree that President Carter has to pick his battles. A large majority
of Americans are still totally ignorant about the true nature of Israel.

I admire former president Carter for attempting what he is doing..
I've run into so much prejudice against Middle Easterners here where
I work that I've almost quit a couple of times, but I need a job.

I look forward to Sunday.


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