Friday, April 07, 2006

Dear Barbara,

Life here is getting worse for the Palestinians. In my village garbage has not been picked up for 40 days because the US and almighty Israel have ruled that the PA cannot be paid. This because the Palestinian people exercised their voting rights and voted on a party that was not approved of by the US and Israel. I know a number of people who belong to Hamas and have found them to be good people. The rulers of Hamas ceased supporting suicide bombers several years ago. Israel continues its state run terrorism. I was surprised to learn that many Christians here voted for Hamas. It was mostly a vote against the corruption of Fatah. Before Americans judge that they should take a look at the billions of aid for Iraqi reconstruction that has been stolen by Americans.

Americans would be amazed to know the majority of Palestinians practice passive nonresistance against their occupiers. Isn’t that Gandhian? It gets them nowhere. However, I tend also to not listen to God and to give in to impatience. Perhaps it’s happening in God’s time. I’m frustrated because I now witness daily the brutality and intransigence of Israeli policy. Neighbors of mine, a good family, had a quarrel with their teen age son two weeks ago because they believed he was spending insufficient time studying for what is the Palestinian equivalent of our SAT tests. He left the house, angry at his parents no doubt, and started to throw stones at a nearby settlement. The boy was arrested and thrown in an Israeli jail. His parents will have no access to him for months. If the Israelis follow their accustomed practice, he will be tortured and returned in three years a hardened and bitter young man.

Peace and best wishes,


Blogger Randall said...

Excellent post,The US needs to see this.
Nice Idea for your blog,the letters and e-mails.
Peace and best wishes..:)

2:55 PM  
Blogger Bronwin Peel said...

Thanks Ayrabpirate for your kind words. I was beginning to think no one was reading my BLOG.
-Bronwin Peel

11:52 AM  

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