Thursday, June 19, 2008

Following is a comment I posted on the BLOG:
in response to an article concerning Israel's torture of Palestinians.

There is nothing new about Israel using this form of torture on Palestinians. My late husband was a Palestinian. His brother was tortured in Israeli prisons in the sixties and seventies. He was almost killed until a very brave and compassionate Israeli lawyer. Ms. Felicia Langer, came to his rescue and managed to get him freed via an Israeli court. She later moved back to Europe because as she said she could no longer endure watching her fellow Jews treat another people the way Europeans had treated hers.

My brother-in-law’s “crime” was that he had led a strike against an Israeli employer. His punishment included electric shock applied to his genitals and beatings of such brutality that later x-rays revealed every bone in his body had been broken. He died five years ago from bone cancer.

Bronwin Peel

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