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Emails Concerning Gaza: A Call to Action

Great Pam, thanks. It makes it even longer, but what the heck, we have to give it to them hard. I already wrote but now I can send a "and another thing....!"

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A good addition to this argument to our representatives, and to the media, would be supporting quotes from the World Bank report that just came out on this subject (and that has gotten almost no attention). Consider these two quotes from the summaries that did appear: The LA Times -- "The report says that any program to resuscitate the Palestinian economy must include Gaza, which it calls a 'quintessential part of the Palestinian territory, economy and identity.'" The AP: "The World Bank warned that the closure of the crossings in and out of Gaza will lead to laying off 30,000 private sector workers, worsening the already critical economic situation there. The report said no economic solution can ignore the need to turn Gaza into a productive, export-oriented center. Economic development must proceed despite ongoing strife. . .'Whether practical or not under the circumstances, the need for these parallel steps is evident.'"


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Dear All,

I include a quick revision of the ICAHD statement that we can send individually to everyone in the house and senate. Please revise so it looks like your own!

Carol BB
Representative Chris Van Hollen

I deplore the unanimous decision by the Israeli cabinet to impose sanctions on supplies of electricity, fuel and other basic goods and services to the civilian population of Gaza, and I call on you to prevent this crime against humanity from being carried out. Indeed, the very legal framework invoked by Israel to carry out this illegal and immoral act – declaring Gaza a “hostile entity†within a “conflict short of war†– has absolutely no standing in international law. The collective punishment of an entire civilian population, by contrast, is explicitly prohibited.

I call on our government to censure this decision, especially in light of recent attempts to revive the diplomatic process. This blatant violation of human rights and the most fundamental assault on human life and dignity is made especially poignant as it is being implemented during the holy month of Ramadan.

Please do everything in your power to repudiate this cruel, illegal and immoral act – an act that stands out in its cruelty even in an already oppressive Israeli Occupation. I condemn attacks on all civilians, be they Israeli or Palestinian. Violations of international law by governments affecting millions of people are, however, especially egregious and must be denounced.

Israel’s decision to punish Gaza’s civilian population, with all the human suffering that entails, constitutes an instance of State Terrorism against innocent people. Only when Israel is held a ccountable for its actions and international law upheld will a just peace be possible in the Middle East.


Carol Bullard-Bates

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