Monday, April 09, 2007

I recommend the following BLOG to anyone interested in the day to day lives of Palestinians.
It was emailed to me by a fellow Quaker.

My Meeting House holds silent vigils across the street from the US Capital. We hold a huge sign that states, "Seek peace and pursue it". One of the participants of the vigil told us at Easter Sunday services yesterday that a Japanese gentleman approached him and suggested that we drop the silent program and become more active. I've often thought the same. My friend held up pictures of children with limbs missing due to cluster bombs.

What could we accomplish if we prosletize like the Baptists? We might start with the young... The inexperienced youth to whom the armed services market the military life. This f/Friend told me some Quakers do just that setting up tables across from military tables at high schools where they speak to the young and pass out brocures arguing that "war is not the answer". I asked for information regarding the Quakers who are active in that program believing it will be a good project for me once I have my knee operated on and can get around without my dispised cane.

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