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Where Were You When You Started to Doubt the Official 9/11 Story?

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A few weeks following 9/11 I was reading The New York Times and found a small one pargraph article stating the publisher was receiving calls from the families of the people on the planes who reportededly made calls home on their cell phones. When they reviewed their loved ones bills they discovered the calls were not reported on the phone bills or credit cards.  My late husband was a Palestinian and I know from experience that Arabs were often used as scapegoats as a matter of course, i.e. Arabscam in the 70s. That particular incident sponsored by the FBI led to the founding of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. I became suspicious and then after a few weeks I knew the story of the steel in the buildings melting was entirely false. My husband was a chemist who developed refractory bricks. They are used to line the inside of steel furnaces and must withstand enormous degrees of heat as it takes approximately 2400 degrees fahrenheit to melt steel. The burning buildings could not have melted steel and turned it to ashes as we were shown.

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