Friday, July 21, 2006

Friend's Parents Fleeing From Israeli Bombs
Following are emails posted on the listserve
of the Meeting House of the Religious Society
of Friends where I am a member:

July 18, 2006
Dear Friends,
Please hold Nejwa and her family in the
Light. Nejwa's parents returned to live in
Lebanon twelve days ago. They had been
living in the States for decades, but decided to
return so they could live near their relatives
They are now fleeing the bombs.
With love,

July 19, 2006
Dear friends,
I just found out that my parents made it safely
to Damascus. They are shell-shocked, depressed
but thank God > healthy. They will be travelling
north to Homs tomorrow where they will spend
at least 2 weeks recovering and waiting for a
free seat on a plane to Washington.

Thank you so much for your support, your prayers
have paid off and your kind thoughts have done a
lot to keep me going this past week.

Mark wrote:
Thank you for the update, Nejwa.
I know it was not their choice, but it will be
wonderful to have your parents safely back
with you. We also look forward to having
them among us.


July 20, 2006 I wrote:

Dear Nejwa,
I just discovered the emails concerning your
parents. What can I say? You have my
sympathy. They have my sympathy.

I was planning to travel to the West Bank in about
six months to retire in the little house I inherited
there from my husband. Israel has now passed a law
that American citizens cannot live in the West Bank
except for one month a year. Many, many lives will
be uprooted by that. Surely Israel will self
destruct with time. I'm afraid it won't be in my
time. May God help us all.

Nejwa Hadawi wrote:

Thank you Bronwin for your kind thoughts. I am truly
sorry for you that you won't be able to go back. I
think this will be the toughest thing for my parents
to accept, not to be able to live their last days in
peace in a place of their choice amongst their
friends and family.

As for Israel, it will surely destroy everything
around it first before it finally self-destructs. It
is even dragging us down with itself. The hardest
part for me in all this is realizing how helpless I
am in affecting any change in my government's
policy, seeing our congressmen and senators sell
their souls for a vote, paying taxes that enable
this senseless destruction and realizing that my
parents and I have to live here even though we no
longer feel at home. Luckily for us, there are
people like you and all the other Friends that give
us hope and sustain us morally and spiritually
I agree with you, may God help us all.




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